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    Confused? What is this all the hype about? Ok lets get started.

    Let's start with a disclaimer.

    The information in this communication does not constitute an offer, solicitation or recommendation for the purchase or sale of any securities or other financial or non-financial instruments nor does it constitute advice of any kind, whether in relation to legal, compliance, accounting, regulatory matters or otherwise, a personal recommendation (as defined by the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority, or otherwise) or an expression of our view as to whether a particular financial product is suitable or appropriate for you and meets your financial or any other objectives.


    This website has been created to provide information and links to those entities only. You should always do your own research. This site is not affiliated to any of the companies and the companies below do not pay to market their products.


    The site is created purely for the love of blockchain and the transparency it brings. The clearer the information, without all the fuss, the better the future for the planet.


    If you are new to all of this then let's start with the big fat disclaimer and if this causes your fear, do not go forwards.








    Blockchain is the future.

    Over the coming years It is my personal belief that most businesses will adopt a blockchain system to take on one or more parts of the day to day business operation. I also believe most governments will also look to adopt blockchain in a move to show transparency and reduce corruption and scandal, the UAE is powerhouse for blockchain and living and working in this space at this time is incredibly exciting to see a government fully supportive of blockchain technology. Crypto currencies support the development of blockchain and blockchain transactions. By purchasing a cryptocurrency or token, in most cases, you are helping to develop someones blockchain Idea.

    But how to purchase crypto currency safely?

    There are hundreds of ways to buy crypto currency. Understanding how to buy safely and securely can save much wasted time and also reduce the potential of losing your money. Some are GEO-specific, which means you can only buy through certain platforms if you live in a specific region. This website has information about how to buy crypto currency safely if you live and work in the UAE.

  • Typical Questions I get asked all the time.

    Lets start with the most simple Questions

    What is Blockchain?

    The best way to describe blockchain is that it is a system or tool puts trust back into transactions. Instead of making transactions through a third party, it allows transactions to happen directly between two entites and that data is recorded on a register that is encrypted and cannot be manipulated or changed once a record have been made.

    What is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is the first decentralised currency. What does that mean? its a currency not created buy a government. It is controlled by a computer algorithm rather than by government policy. Government fiscal policy can increase or decrease supply of money, most government. increase he supply of month leading the money itself deflating in value over time. Bitcoin is limited in supply and will one day be legal tender in many countries around the world.

    What is a Utility Token? and ITO

    A Utility token represents no ownership in the company, it has not rights of ownership and therefore gains is value through demand.

    What is a Security Token? and STO

    A Security Token is also known as digital security. think of it like a share of a company or maybe even a corporate bond, however, it is in a token form. Tokens are able to be shares and transferred via blockchain, either peer to peer or via an exchange. Tokenising a company will Monday become common ground. allowing peer to peer transactions of stocks and shares (once the KYC and AML issues are solved around this) Digital Securities gain their value form the performance of the companies, They are a digital representation one a Equity OR debt.

    What is an IEO

    An IEO is an Initial Exchange offering. Back in 2016-17 thousands of ICO's (initial coin offerings) were taking place,

    What is Mining?

    Mining is the process of computer calculations. Bitcoin needs

    What is Proof of Work

    Proof of work

    What is proof of stake?


    What is a ETO (STO)

    Securities tokens become more popular over rot coming years there will need to be more defined as to what type of STO it is. Companies typically raise money through either Debt or Equity both of which can fall under the STO brakets

    How do I get involved?


    What is crypto currency?


    What is crypto currency


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    Libra Project

  • Reducing the Noise!

    What to buy?

    Libra Impact Digital Security - Exempt offering - Min of USD 100,000 buy in.

    Based out of Abu Dhabi

    A blockchain company that promises not follow the cryptocurrency volatility trend, as the digital security is pegged to physical assets generating an income.


    Libra Project has a unique vision to improve the lives of 100 million people by the year 2030 in line with the United Nations SDG goals.


    This Company build and operates renewable energy projects across the emerging Asia market. The company has multiple offices, UK, USA and UAE.


    Libra Project is in the process of launching its Regulation D(596c) offering out of the USA to make it the first regulated D complaint digital security offerings.


    Its digital security offering is structure through KoreConX protocol and is built on Hyperledger. The Digital Security is called "LIBRA IMPACT" it is not available to retail clients at the moment and is ONLY available to institutional, accredited and professional investors.


    The company has a vision to create an ECOsystem that channels investment into Impact Projects across emerging Asia and Africa and tracking the impact delivered through IoT devices with the data hashed directly into the blockchain.


    Reporting of impact and financial data will be live on the Libra Project platform for investors to see.


    This is a revolutionary vision of bringing social funding and impact together and the fair distribution of the wealth amongst investors. No more big bonus for board members and equal ownership and decision making on projects. Proven returns, proven environmental and social impact on a distributed ledger.


    Libra project is a fully incorporated company since 2017 with offices in London, USA, UAE.



    A good safe starting point - Start from $25

    Etoro is a simple platform for Crypto 21 of the most trusted cryptos available on the market. It's not about having the biggest selection, Etoro is great for a beginner as Etoro has already selected the Cryptos through carrying out thorough due diligence. The cryptos have all been recognised with solid projects.


    You can also transfer the crypto away from Etoro through your own wallet if you see fit at a later point.


    They are easy to deposit money but one of the slowest companies I've ever come across in sending money back.


    Positives - Easy to one from the UAE without having to print and sign anything.


    Negatives - Expensive bid / offer spreads. Limited to only 21 Cryptos at the point of writing this page.



    For those looking to dive deeper into this sector.

    Binance comes highly rated by both the experienced and the beginner. Binance is one of the biggest crypto exchanges. It's the go-to place to buy and sell crypto listing thousands of coins and tokens.


    Positives: Widest choice available in one space, low fees. Supports most airdrops!


    Downside: more complex to use, the choice can be overwhelming, difficult to deposit and withdraw funds, best to send bitcoin you already own to the platform and then make transactions.


    Once you get your money on to the system it can be tricky to switch it back to AED or USD.


    Top Tip: If you buy on an exchange like Binance it is good practice to store your coins and tokens in your own personal wallet and not on the exchange itself.


    Local to the UAE

    It can be difficult to buy bitcoin in an easy way. BitOasis allows you to buy a number of cryptocurrencies. I have used it to purchase bitcoin off my debit card (service no longer available) in the past and then send the bitcoin to Binance where I have exchanged it for multiple other coins.


    Positives: Easy to use interface, secure sign-on process, good if you want to buy just the coins and tokens and not CFD trading.


    Swiss Quote - DIFC

    ​Based in Switzerland but have an Office in DIFC.



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  • Unsure about crypto? However, you still wish to send money internationally?

    Save hundreds by using an online exchange.

    Banks often quote customers saying they are not going to charge a commission to move money from one currency to another, which is correct, however they add a very high spread on the actual exchange rate. For example, the actual inter bank rate moving from USD to GBP may be 1.50 USD to 1 GBP but the bank will offer the exchange rate 1.58 to 1 GBP this is in fact a 5% fee added onto the exchange rate


    Some places like Airport exchanges charge 20% spread and class themselves as commission free transactions.


    Using an online exchange were, because they don't have hughstreet shops, bank branches. Expensive kiosks to operate can significantly reduce the cost to move money between currencies. Below is t ted and tested company that our team has used when transferring money into other currencies. The more you can save on currency transfers the more you will have in your pocket.

    Easy to set up